Thursday, February 6, 2020

COMIC REVIEW - Superman #19 (Jan. 2020)

This comic book is also a piece of shit.

Continuing from last issue's ridiculously retarded plot thread where Superman reveals his identity as Clark Kent to the world, we have the very unrealistic reaction of everyone being happy for him and his brave act, Perry White "firing" Clark Kent and hiring Superman as a staff writer... because that makes sense. And then he gets into a fight with Mongul on the...

You know what? I don't care. This whole thing is fucking stupid.

Anyone remember when DC tried this outing of Clark Kent/Superman a few years back with that equally shitty TRUTH story arc? Anyone remember the reaction to that sort of thing. Perry fires Clark and Clark goes down on his luck... and that's before shit hits the fan. Anyone remember when Marvel outed Spider-Man for that Civil War garbage and then everything went straight to hell with him? Does this fucking hack that people still believe is a good writer forget about the time he outed Daredevil and the consequences that came afterwards? Now, all of a sudden, Supes publicly does away with the whole secret identity thing and everyone is... happy for him? Why?

If this were a realistic situation, people would be genuinely pissed off about this... because the guy who was writing the news in their favorite newspaper was really the guy making the news this entire time. It makes you wonder if anything out of that newspaper could be considered legitimate news since they've been harboring someone who has been making the news that made the newspaper what it is, today. Honestly, that should've been the take we'd go with here. We're living in an age of fake news this and sensationalist media that where everything is questioned and debated... why not play up on that by having people question the integrity of the Planet?

It wouldn't have made this story any better, because fuck, nothing will... but it would've been an interesting take, at least.

The artwork in general isn't anything worth mentioning. It's fine for what it is and quite frankly, anything that doesn't look horrendous is fine by my book. However, even if this had some of the most beautifully-drawn and colored comic panels in the history of comics, it wouldn't be enough to turn this turkey dung into something worthwhile.

In conclusion, Superman's current arc is still a piece of shit and I've spent enough time on this crap.

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