Tuesday, February 4, 2020

COMIC REVIEW - Superman #18 (Dec. 2019)

This comic book is a piece of shit.

So this is it, huh? This is the big issue where Superman holds a press conference and, after conferring with a few of his closest friends, he reveals the world that he and Clark Kent are one and the same and he's going to be Superman from here on out.

Yes, we're going back to this well again. DC because they figure if Superman does the outing rather than be outed by a third-party like the last time, this will turn out better... it didn't. And also BENDIS because when it comes to costumed superheroes, the only card he has to play is the outing of the secret identity because he doesn't believe in such things.

I'm struggling to read through this utter dreck and I find myself with an even bigger headache as I flip through page after page of some of the worst garbage imaginable. This whole thing comes off as a poorly thought out publicity stunt where we do the one thing and then move on to something else without rhyme or reason. One has to wonder if the fallout is going to invoke the same sort of consequence that begat Spider-Man or Daredevil when those IDs were revealed (and eventually retconned because they were fucking bad ideas.)

If this comes off as more of a crazed-driven rant than a review, then I offer a half-apology... but only because I thought I was reading something that was written by a competent writer and not some hack who got lucky with a bunch of Ultimate comics ages ago.

Oh well... at least the artwork is passable fare. Everyone looks like what they're supposed to. It doesn't look wretched. That's fine.

In conclusion, Superman #18 by BENDIS is a piece of shit...

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