Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ataribox Delayed Again... This Time Due To Coronavirus


Anyone remember Ataribox? Of course, you don't, but here's the latest update for those who care.

IndieGoGo backers who contributed close to three million dollars to the Ataribox crowdfunding campaign and hoping to receive their brand spanking new systems next month after several delays... will have to wait a little longer since the release has been delayed again. This time due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak that has claimed over 1000 lives to date and it'll be a while before the production plants will resume operations.

This is not the sort of thing you'd like to make a joke around; clearly, this latest delay in a series of them is out of the hands of Atari. It's nature at work in this regard. But if the Coronavirus is a legit reason for the delay and not just a cover story for a delay that was going to happen anywhere - because I'm sure some folks will feel that - but I will give Atari the benefit of the doubt and assume the delay is nature's fault.

So, hopefully, once everything is settled, Atari can get to release the console that they sold to people... and hopefully not delay the thing again because they need to defer money to their hotel business.

Think I'm joking? Boom.

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