Thursday, November 21, 2019

Oh Jimmy...


Yeah, so remember when the biggest argument in fandom was who would win a fight between two dream opponents or why one promotion is better than the other without involving sales figures and rating numbers? Those were the days.

So, for those who missed out, a recent episode of NWA Powerrrr was featured Jim Cornette on commentary dropping a line that would be considered... racially insensitive is probably the best way to put it. The NWA responded by removing the offending line from a newer upload and then Jim Cornette resigned from the NWA. How this affects whatever remaining taped shows they have left in the can is another story, but we'll see, I guess.

Full disclosure: I have not seen the episode in question and so have no real comment or feelings on the actual line itself or the context it was used in. I probably should've included this bit before hitting the post button, but there you go. With that in mind, a couple brief thoughts...

First off, I have to question how a line like this got aired in the first place since these NWA shows were taped months ago. I realize television production is a time consuming process and sometimes the finer details could've been missed, but even with that said, they had plenty of time to notice the line and edit it out of the program LONG before it would've hit air and become a big deal.

Secondly... Jim Cornette is a fellow with strong opinions that rub people the wrong way. There used to be a time when such strong opinions were tolerated and even a source of comedy. I, myself, enjoyed Jim's rants on various things that "disagreed" with him, even if I didn't completely support those viewpoints. But eventually, you get to the point where something stops being funny and starts being sad. And right now, Cornette has reached that point.

A few hours ago, I made the difficult decision to block TheJimCornette from my rarely used Twitter handle. It was a difficult decision because, well, first, I had to go on Twitter, which is always a difficult endeavor for me and never fun, but fortunately, an account with no follows and no followers means less bullshit to deal with. I'd like to keep that way, frankly, so if you stumble across this hidden Twitter, place a bookmark on your browser if you want to keep up, do not follow. Thanks.

But secondly, it was a difficult decision because I had to find the block button and this was hard to find. Once that was done, I pushed it and Jim is blocked. I can't see his twits, he can't see mine, and so if I say something that folks would find offensive and opt to tag Jim, I can just reply; "Don't bother. I blocked him ages ago."

So now Jim Cornette is on the same blocked boat as Vince Russo, Seth Rollins, John Bradshaw Layfield, Melissa Joan Hart, and some guy named Steve X. What a pedigree.

Jim Cornette once alluded to a Vince McMahon statement, "Chocolate Vanilla." He mentioned that he hated chocolate, keep that fucking chocolate away from him, but if you like the chocolate, then you can have the chocolate as long as he has his vanilla. That's a good lesson to keep in mind and a good lesson that I think everyone in the wrestling bubble should take to heart, including Jim Cornette.

All that said, I wish Jim nothing but the best in all his future endeavors. I'll cherish all the good stuff he has churned out over the years and especially that restraining order, but it's time to bid him "Thank you Fuck You Bye."

Instead, I'll stick with "Fuckity Bye."

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