Tuesday, November 5, 2019

COMING SOON... Rebuilding An Old Review

So a long time ago, I had a hard drive where I stored some files and stuff. That hard drive went kaput, but fortunately, I had back-ups of some files and stuff on another hard drive. Unfortunately, some files didn't survive or were in a much earlier state. One particular review is an example of this.

For years, I've been intending on rebuilding this review. Mostly for the sake of archival purposes, but since I've planning on re-uploading and re-editing these things anyway, there eventually came a point where I'd need to redo this one. And so that's what I'm doing right now.

Rebuilding An Old Review is going to either be a text feature or maybe full-bore video and it is going to recount the details regarding the reconstruction of this old review. Most of the source files are still intact, but I'm missing the main vegas file and that's what I need to rebuild. Don't know when this will be up, but it'll be a fun experience.

In the mean time, more to come...

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