Thursday, November 7, 2019

AEW Dynamite (Nov. 6th, 2019): Shifting Gears For Full Gear

So, this has gotten up a little late and I do humbly apologize for that. It seems like it's going to be harder to try and keep up these weekly write-ups... but honestly, I don't mind doing them because it's nice to write and post about something that I'm actually enjoying for once... and there hasn't been much in the way of negative material as far as the output is concerned.

So I'll try and keep doing these for as long as I can, but even if these stop, that doesn't mean I won't be watching the show because as I've said countless times, it's the easiest two hours of wrestling I've watched each week.

So we got a PPV this weekend. Let's see how they build to it.

That bastard PAC defeated Trent in the opening contest despite le outside interference from Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy, who gets a kick to the face from PAC for his efforts. I guess PAC don't like things Squeshly Freezed. There's a weird bit where PAC hits the Black Arrow finish on Trenth, but Trent kicks out and PAC nails a submission for the win. The kick-out soured the match for me a bit, but other than that, it was a fine enough match. After the match, PAC promises to make an example of Hangman Page and his cowboy shit.

Cody comes out for a promo, talking about his upcoming title match with Chris Jericho and also discussing the careers of guys like Cowboy Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes; men who have had tremendous success in the ring, but success that is not without controversy due to their being executives as well. Cody's announcement is that if he doesn't beat Jericho, he will never challenge for the World title again. He then talks about silver spoons, Jericho's book being cheap on Amazon, and then refers to Le Champion as a Stupid Dick... which is censored by le TSN.

It's a fiery, passionate promo that did what I didn't think was possible; it made me care about Cody in a way that I'd want him to win the title this coming Saturday. It made me want to get the PPV to see this match. See, people want to claim it's impossible to have clear-cut babyfaces, but you watch this promo and you'll see that isn't the case because Cody came off as such a passionate hero with fire that people were rooting for him. That's what you want to do on your wrestling shows.

Private Party defeated The Dark Order to gain bronze metals and earn themselves a slot in the three-way Tag-Title match (also featuring defending champions SCU and the Lucha Bros). This was a thing that happened. Not a bad thing, not a good thing, just a thing... I don't know; neither team really do much for me and that made it hard to get into it. As a match, it was a thing... but not much more than that, really.

Now we have a Jericho promo video; basically a full-blown parody of that one Cody video package from a few weeks ago. Highlights include Sammy Guevara calling Jericho "the youngest World Champion in AEW history" at a spry 48... which isn't wrong... Jake Hager saying nothing, and even an appearance by Virgil Soultrain Jones, who knows nothing about goats. This was a brilliantly hilarious parody video that was actually funny... because Jericho can be funny when he wants to be and when he's allowed to be. My only concern is that this might make him get cheered, which would be unfortunately because Jericho made it easy for people to hate him.

Jamie Hayter and Emi Sakura defeated AEW Women's Champion RIHO and Shanna when Sakura pinned RIHO with a roll-up. I'd be upset with the champion taking the fall, but I didn't mind it here because it only adds a wrinkle to the upcoming match where RIHO defends the title against Sakura and Sakura has the one-win advantage over her.

There's a video with Brandi Rhodes... this is a thing that happened. She's a good talker... but I don't get this video and I suppose I'm not supposed to. Meh, whatever.

Shawn Spears defeated Brandon Cutter in a short match. Just as Tully is about to go for the chair, Joey Janela shows up to run off the heels... presumably as payback for that one AEW Dark segment where Spears pulled Joey's tongue out with pliers... or something. But, hey, they're continuing stuff from AEW Dark... that's something, right?

There's a video package on the Jon Moxley/Kenny Omega Lights Out match for the PPV. Pretty standard package build that builds on the intrigue of this match. Nothing to complain about.

Le Champion du AEW Chris Jericho and El Dos EspaƱol Sammy G defeated Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page after THAT FUCKING BASTARD PAC kicked Page down there in that cowboy shit, allowing Jericho to hit LE EFFET DU JUDAS for the win or something. Perfectly acceptable tag-team wrestling. Inner Circle beats on the Hangman, but Cody runs out to make the save. Jericho goes to bail, but eats chair from MJF. Then Mox shows up and Ex-LAX shows up and we end the show with a Buck landing on a bunch of dudes.

So that was Dynamite, your go-home show for Full Gear and goddamn, did it make me want to buy this PPV. All the major matches were touched upon and moved forward, we got a passionate Cody promo to go along with a funny Jericho video, we got a push for the two other title matches, a video package on the Mox/Kenny match, and even a bit of follow-up from an AEW Dark segment. Stuff happened, they're building towards something, and there's a hook for you to follow along on the next show, whether it'd be the next PPV or the next episode of Dynamite.

All in all, another fine and fun show in a series of them.

Good show, AEW. Good show, indeed.

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