Thursday, November 28, 2019

AEW Dynamite (Nov. 27th, 2019): Le Sky Gets Le Bitchslapped

Welp... this isn't going to be a long write-up. Not even bothering with the page break... could this be the end of AEW? No, but it could mean the end of these write-ups sooner than later... but I digress.

So we open the show with the big Chris Jericho celebration... because Le Champion keeps to his commitments. We get clowns, marching bands, balloons, gifts, Soul Man Jones has a job again, there's cardboard stand-ups, flip-flops, a little bit of the 40, there's a goat that scared out of its mind, there's former New York Ranger Ted Irvine (aka Chris' Dad) coming out of a box (so you know he's instantly over) and berating the Blackhawks while giving the Inner Circle custom Rangers jerseys... and then just for good measure, let's have Justin Roberts read a prepared statement and then beat him up because he sucks at his job, which prompts SCU to make the save while doing their marching band part time skit.

If you can find the segment online or catch the replay, it's actually a pretty entertaining little piece due to the fact that Jericho and his buddies work pretty well together and even ol' Ted manages good stuff. I like these sorts of things when they entertain me, not so much when they bore the shit out of me. I suppose that's why I didn't mind the length, though if someone were to argue that this went too long and almost reeked of being WWE-esque, I wouldn't argue that point, either.

This would, of course, be bookended with our advertised title match, where Le Champion Chris Jericho made Tag-Team Champion Scorpio Sky his Le Bitch to retain the title in what I thought was a pretty decent little match. The story was straightforward; SCU countered the Jake Hager factor, but even that wasn't enough for the Tag-Team Champion to overcome the World Champion... which makes the whole 50/50 booking thing actually make sense.

Beyond that, everything else about the show was just kinda, sorta there. There was a match between Best Friends and Lucha Bros that was okay, seeing the Friends beat the Bros in a surprise upset. There was a serviceable women's match. MJF gets a Diamond Ring and gets in DDP's face. There was a pretty decent Kenny Omega/PAC match that saw Kenny get a much-needed win. And then Cody won a quick match before getting ambushed by the Butcher and the Blade, a new tag-team that I'm supposed to know.

This was a very uninteresting show for the most part that is bookended by a fun opening segment and a perfectly fine world title match. Still very much an easy watch for me, but it's starting to feel like a chore. Let's hope this was a one-off thing and not a sign of things to come.

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