Monday, October 14, 2019

Heroes Of Wrestling... 20 Years Later

So it never occurred to me until recently that this month marked the twentieth anniversary of the now-infamous Heroes Of Wrestling PPV event. For those who don't know of this show, it was an independent wrestling show that brought in some of the legendary names of wrestling who haven't been signed up by either the WWF or WCW at the time and hold a little nostalgia act, with the intent of doing more of these if this first show became a success.

That obviously didn't happen since the show was an complete and utter trainwreck due to most of the legends signed being past their prime, resulting in matches that barely broke the below average level of quality... not to mention the legends who were advertised and ultimately no showed. Of course, this show is notable for the utter on-screen collapse of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who was a bit... debilitated, if you will.

I've seen this show live once on PPV... it was not a fun experience even without knowledge of all the backstage shenanigans. It was only years later through various readings of reviews that the full scope of this show's failure became somewhat apparent.

In 2015, I was able to find an online posting of this show in its entirety and sat down to watch it for the first time since its initial airing. My thoughts were then parlayed into a musings that - if you're reading this on the same day this post is published - can be accessed through the Post Of The Week gimmick on the sidebar. I might still have the show archived somewhere, but no way am I sitting through that thing again.

For those with mobile devices, you can read the musings here.

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