Tuesday, September 24, 2019

RAW (Sept. 23rd, 2019) - About Last Night's RAW Ending

This is less about the show and more about the tail end of the show, which featured one of the most comical and ridiculous things that I have ever seen (to date) in a wrestling ring. In fact, this could very well be the thing that turns me off to the upcoming PPV event, which I was actually looking forward to because it looked to be a good card.

I didn't see the whole show, but I have heard some good things about it... which is nice because they need to get into the habit of making good shows again, what with the FOX debut happening next week. However, when I watched the Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman match (a re-match from a PPV that saw Rollins beat Braun clean, apparently), something happened.

So, at some point, the lights go out and when they come back up, Bray Wyatt in a mask shows up and puts the Mandible Claw on Strowman, which would've been a nice way to put over the Fiend as a threat except Strowman has been such a loser on a grand scale on so many occasions that it loses all meaning. Somebody must've thought the next thing, because when Wyatt approaches Seth, he's cowering, he's screaming, he's acting like a potential kill victim for a slasher film, and he's saved by the loser Strowman, who eats another Claw.

Oh yeah, this is going to put butts in seats for sure.

So, this Seth Rollins guy who is supposed to be a champion for everyone... it seems like every time I follow the WWE happenings in some form or fashion, they find a way to try and make this guy seem like even more of a geek than he's been. And it's not just him; it's something of a common ailment in modern wrestling where you go to a show, you see a championship match, and the champion is just some geek who doesn't seem imposing or anything. I've been getting that vibe from Rollins almost every time I see him.

He beats Brock with a low blow in quick fashion, then he gets stuck with Baron Corbin matches that suck and he bitches about it on Twitter to further cement his geek status. And then his relationship with Becky Lynch comes out and he's the Man's Man or whatever the fuck that means. Then he has another match with Brock with the world's shittiest build. And then the sun falls and Rollins' skin starts to sparkle like a Twilight character. And he shits on his former best friend who left the company due to shitty creative and had some of the best matches in his career before MRSA came a callin.

What does this ending tell me? That your reigning top champion and holder of a toy red belt posed to be the 2nd top babyface in the company (3rd if you want to include Becky Lynch in the mix, though I'm not quite sure about her, either) is scared of a guy in a rubber mask. And I'm supposed to be looking forward to their HiaC match in two weeks?

I know people are going to compare this to Undertaker... but Undertaker wasn't Mean Mark in WWF or anything like that; he was the fucking Undertaker from day one. We've already seen Bray Wyatt in the past, with his holograms, exploding TVs, worms projected into the ring, exploding cabins, and whatnots. We've seen this sort of shit from Bray before and it's always came across as hokey stuff. But Bray's in a mask and everything is supposed to be different... it's more akin to Finn Balor and the Demon. When Finn Balor comes out as the Demon, he's got a cool entrance, he's got some nice body paint, and I like the overall production... but when you really think about it, it's just Finn Balor in paint.

I don't know... maybe the match will be good or something... but this ending? Did nothing for me but cement Rollins' status as the world's biggest geek not named Mike Kanellis or Kevin Owens or whoever else comes to mind... actually, there are a lot of geeks in WWE.

That makes me sad.

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