Thursday, September 19, 2019

For Anyone Curious... My Thoughts On Clash Of Champions 2019

So, in an effort to try and get some sleep, I watched the last WWE PPV and fell asleep right after the Women's tag-title match... so that clearly got the job done. For the most part, the show was boring and sleep-inducing; hence why I preferred to talk about an old WCW PPV that was terrible for my Wednesday PPV musings over a WWE PPV that was boring. Not because it was better, but because the WWE write-up would've been  several lines of  "So-so beat so-so in a match to retain or win some title. Boring."

It's not that the matches were bad or anything; mostly boring. The Sasha/Becky match was pretty much the only match I saw that was close to entertaining before the shitty phantom DQ finish where they tell us Becky is DQ and stuff... the rest of the show was just boring as shit. I mean, when the guy who was champion and made everyone happy he won at Mania is trying to get a crowd going for an eternity and the crowd is either apathetic or reacting outright negatively, it's a sad sight. Hence, no musings.

Oh well... better luck next time, I suppose. I'm actually quite looking forward to the FIX debut of  Smackdown because that could potentially be an interesting trainwreck if nothing else. I would like to look forward to AEW television as well, but the Canadian rights haven't been brought up yet, so that's off the table for now.

Speaking of AEW, I've been able to watch some of the All Out show thanks to a friend. Guess where we're going this Wednesday...

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