Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Perils Of Flying A Pizza Cutter

So they made a pizza cutter based on the original U.S.S. Enterprise from the original Star Trek show, which seems like a bit of a gimmick and I'm pretty sure people are buying these things. Is there any reason why they've yet to make one for that Discovery show?

For fuck's sake, the show looks like a fucking pizza cutter. THE SAUCER SPINS!

Two seasons after the fact and more than the drab story, I'm trying to understand how a ship like that works. It is like nothing conceived in the 23rd century at that point in time and quite frankly, looks like it'd fit in more with a show that had transforming robots than a show about starships. I've made a point to mention that the ship looks like a pizza cutter. Toss in the whole space jump thing it does where THE FUCKING SAUCER SPINS and I have to figure someone is messing with me here.

You Discovery folks are missing a trick. The U.S.S. Pizza Cutter is practically built for this purpose. If nothing else, it seems less awkward to hold and cut pizza with than the Enterprise cutter.

So that was a random brain fart that just popped up.

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