Wednesday, July 10, 2019

BLP's There's Something About Barry (June 2019)

I guess we should have a separate Black Label Pro segment on the Wrestling page... then again, maybe not.

Anyway, I'm going to be a bit brief with this one... although not that brief.

Unlike past BLP shows, which took place in dark arenas, this one took place in a gym with bright white walls and bright lights. I guess this is the drawback of being a small indy fed; you're subject to your limitations and have to work around them. This bright gym doesn't quite

In the opening contest, Allie Kat defeated Aaron Williams and Danhausen and Danny Adams and Logan James and Matt Kenway and Thomas Shire in a seven-person match that felt a bit over the top and perhaps a bit convoluted to the point that I had to look all these names up, but at the very least, it was the only such match to have this feeling and hey, the one person I do recognize won, so that's something, I guess.

Ethan Page defeated Gary Jay in a pretty good match that I enjoyed due to it being a nice, clean little match that told a fairly basic story. Hey, I'm not going to complain much here. This was fine, it was fun, and it was a wrestling match between two guys trying to win. What more do you need?

Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) defeated FIST (Tony Deppen & Travis Huckabee). Lots of dives, lots of reckless abandon, lots of getting your stuff in there, lots of violence... which is, in fact, forever. This was a bit of a different flavor from the last match and I was fine with that.

Flip Flop And Flyball (Boomer Hatfield & Cabana Man Dan) defeated The Ankle Biters (Logan Stunt & Sage Philips). Turns out Logan's leg wasn't as badly hurt as Chico claimed it was and that disappointed me. Logan Stunt, by the way, is the younger brother of the other kid-sized wrestler Marko Stunt... and he's almost as small as the other guy. There's a couple knock-knock jokes told before the match... and meh... this was a thing that happened. The best parts of the match were any that didn't involve Logan Stunt because then you had some nice wrestling in there... and when Logan is there... well, that sort of stuff has its audience; I'm just... meh.

AJ Gray defeated Bear Bronson. Unfortunately, I didn't catch much of this match because the dog wanted to play ball and I felt compelled to appease her so that she can fall asleep later on... but from what I've heard in the background, I must have missed a hell of a match.

BLP Indiana State Champion Jake Parnell defeated Nate Webb in an Anything Goes match to retain the title. They had an Iron Maiden song play throughout the match - quite surprised that went on air, but whatever - and this was kinda goofy. They took goofy pictures while in weblocks, they did this .

Kylie Rae defeated Shazza McKenzie. This was perfectly acceptable wrestling. A happy Kylie is a good thing for everyone. Anything other than a happy Kylie is just shit. So give me more happy Kylie and I'll be happy.

BLP Heavyweight Champion Kobe Durst defeated Jordynne Grace to retain the title. This was a thing that happened and your mileage may vary on the intergender stuff, but for what it was, it was perfectly fine stuff. Jordynne has that Chyna vibe to her; she's a fairly sizable enough woman to make this sort of thing believable that she could pose a threat to her opponent regardless of gender and she has the moveset to pull off that sort of brutality.

BLP Tag Team Champions Blood Diamond (Jake Lander & Tre Lamar) defeated The Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) to retain the titles. The Space Monkey continues to fascinate me and that's probably why I paid more attention to this match than usual, which turned out to be perfectly acceptable tag-team wrestling. Unfortunately, Space Monkey was on the losing side of things, but whatever...

And in the main event, Bryan Alvarez loses in what was advertised as a No Holds Barred match against Marko Stunt and instead ended up being a No Holds Barred handicap match against the entire Stunt family. The brother gets involved, the mother gets involved, the father gets involved, some of the fans interject themselves, and then Chico misses a moonsault and hits the table while also hurting his knee, allowing Stunt to slap on the figure four for the tap out win. This is an utter travesty of a match and I could see why Mr. Albertson would sew the promotion, stunt family, and the state of Indiana for a thousand bucks a show.

Overall, watch this show. Every view is one grand to Chico and he'll be closer to that gold boat than ever... honestly, though, I didn't mind this show all that much. A considerable improvement over their Mania weekend show and that probably has more to do with the booking of more straightforward matches rather than mutli-person clusterfucks. Even though I have no idea who half these people are due to my not following indy wrestling as closely as I probably should, at least I could enjoy the matches a little more easily.

Next week... I don't know. Probably the next AEW show. We'll see.

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