Thursday, July 4, 2019

No Pick-Ups For Stained Blood

For anyone wondering about when the next pick-up video is going up... try the end of the month because June has been blankety blank in that regard... hence no June pick-ups.

Amazingly, I went through an entire month without buying any fancy pieces of plastic or digital disc mediums containing electronic digital gaming code to be played in specially-designed disc players and cartridge-based components. Most of my purchases have been relegated to digital downloads (which I don't feature or make much mention of) or the oddball PC game or hardware gimmick that usually don't get spotlighted regardless.

In any event, for anyone who gives a damn, I did mention that there was a Tetris game for Windows that I picked up from the Value Village for a couple bucks... and there was that C64 Mini that I got for really, really cheap... but would rather spotlight in its own video in some form or fashion. But yeah... other than that, no big pick-ups in June worth mentioning.

However, for curious parties who might care for some reason, I recently picked up the Bloodstained game that came out (the Kickstarted one, not the 8-bit version that came out last year.) And for the most part, I wasn't disappointed with this game... it is precisely the same game that I've played in some form or fashion since 1997, except it looks a bit nicer and has a couple extra gimmicks here and there. I'm not knocking the game; IGA knows his Igavanias and nails that style down perfectly. Maybe this might get the review treatment down the line... we'll see.

Actually, I might have some more free time than usual this summer. Assuming there aren't any issues popping up - whether it'd be last-minute road trips, sudden medical emergencies, or the occasional brain pain - I'm probably going to start playing some of these Steam games that need to be played for once. There's even a couple old games among the pack that I really need to go back to because I need something refreshing to cleanse the palette.

Actually, now that I think about it... I need to get back on the SFB saddle again... I'll need to bug big brother about that one.

So, that's it. Enjoy your Fourth Of July, everyone.

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