Monday, June 10, 2019

WWE Blood Money III... as reviewed by Ralphie

While I haven't seen the recent show from that country we're not supposed to talk about, my buddy Ralphie did and volunteered to give his thoughts on this show. Thanks, dude. You've saved me the effort in watching what I'm told was a truly terrible show. Have fun.

Sidenote: I've taken the liberty of cleaning up the text a bit, as he sent me one block of text in email. You're welcome.

Show opens with Champion of the Universe Seth Rollins taking on the other geek in a shirt. They fight for a bit until shirt geek argues with the ref and Seth rolls him up for the win. And then Brock shows up to cash in, but Heyman trips and Seth kicks Brock in the balls before smashing him with tin boxes and chairs. No cash-in, no buys.

Next up, you have that hispanic fellow who used to have a full name but now only has one because Vince hates long names. Now when I heard the Demon was going to appear, I thought they were talking about the Kiss Demon from WCW, but it's just Thin Baylor in paint. He beats the spanish guy and I forgot he was the champ.

Now we've got Shane-O-Mac versus Roman Reigns. Shane looks like shit, nothing he does seems believable... then the Scottish guy hits Roman and Shane wins. What the fuck? There's three luchadores taking on some big bald guy; he gets beat up by the lucha guys and they get disqualified. What the fuck is this shit? Oh yippee... another RKO/HHH match. Shit, I'm falling asleep watching this stupid match. RKO wins. Fuck this company.

And then we got Kofi and his pancake buddy fighting fucking Dolph Ziggler. I find it hard to believe that Kofi vs. Dolph is a WORLD TITLE MATCH in 2019. Kofi wins.

They have a million guys barely fit in this one ring for a battle royal. Nothing happens. The winner is some guy from Saudi. And then Undertaker and Goldberg have a match; it's beyond horrible. Goldberg busts himself open on a post, he fucks up a Jackhammer, Taker chokeslams Oldberg for the win, looks pissed, what the fuck is this show?

And there's my review. You owe me, asshole.


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