Friday, June 7, 2019

Not Watching Blood Money III

So, the first show that came along was the Oil Rumble last year. At the time, I had a leg injury that kept me in bed, so I ended up watching what was ostensibly a glorified house show that was televised. For what it's worth, I didn't think it was a bad show or anything like that, but it ran longer than it needed to and for all the hype that was put behind it - mostly for the benefit of WWE's new Saudi partners - the show certainly didn't live up to it.

The second show, the WWE Crown Royal show which was the subject of heated controversy due to the assassination of a journalist that the Saudis were involved with, was a show that I didn't - and to this day, still haven't - watched. Taking the Saudis out of the equation, I had no real interest in watching a meaningless tournament conclude, nor did I have any interest in watching four old men fumble through a match and making a mockery of themselves. Even the Age In The Cage match between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper at Halloween Havoc 1997 had more dignity than this farce.

And so here were are with WWE Blood Money III, featuring a main event dream match between Bill Goldberg and the Undertaker where people have speculated what would last longer - the matches or the entrances. As luck would have it, this weekend is going to keep me very busy with family business and things of that nature, so that's going to keep me from the nonexistent obligation of watching yet another Saudi propaganda piece by our friends at World Wrestling Entertainment.

This has nothing to do with any moral high ground or whatever malarkey you wish to throw out there. This is strictly a lack of interest at play here. The truth is that I missed quite a few WWE shows from the past year, owing to the fact that the few that I've seen as of late (with some exceptions) have been pretty mediocre showings. The WWE Network has a fantastic backlog of classic wrestling shows that I've been slowly, but surely catching up on... and the results of those viewings will be cataloged ever so briefly in future weekly wrestling musings... but when it comes to the more recent stuff... I find myself writing blog posts about my lack of interest in the shows than the actual shows themselves.

I've been reviewing some old blog posts in the past year and when it comes to the WWE product that's currently on the air, I find that I've said more negative things about the shows than positive. In fact, as I've been archiving some of the old DTM Blog material for future reference, I realize that a lot of my writings on the show have been about how much WWE programming has sucked. Some of these going as far back as 2002.

That was not a pleasant revelation, kids.

At some point in time, I'll probably elaborate on this subject a bit further. It could very well be the subject matter of a future DTM Rambles video... but as far as the main topic of this post goes, I'm probably going to skip out on this third Saudi offering. Lack of time and lack of interest being the main culprits... besides, there's that Stomping Grounds PPV to look forward to.

Maybe... we'll see.

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