Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Black Label Pro's Big Trouble In Little Crown Point (November 2018)

I'm not touching the friday show... especially if the next major Network special is going to feature the same crap in two weeks along with a side order of even more crap that I've seen in past shows that weren't all that good to begin with... actually, now that I think about it, I might not want to watch the next show..... that's how bad it' s looking to be.

So you know what? We're switching gears... I'm gonna give the recent BLP show a watch, but I need to go back and watch the Little Trouble In Crown Point show to catch up on the whole Super Chico/Marko Stunt feud that is heating up my wallet for some reason. Fun fact: while this show was a thing, a day earlier, WWE had booked their second Blood Money PPV from that country we're not supposed to talk about... and well, guess which I'd rather watch.

Hint: it's from Crown Point.

The "Warhorse" Jake Parnell (guy with a mohawk) defeated Darby Allin (guy with half his face painted) in what was a relatively entertaining opening contest to get me in the mood. Apparently, this Darby fellow is part of AEW now and is supposed to be facing Cody at a later event, so this served as a nice primer to what that guy could do. Hey, I was entertained by this and it got me in a good mood. Already an improvement from the

Allie Kat (girl who acts like a cat) defeated future All Elite Wrestling signee Kylie Rae (girl who smiles a lot - think Bayley without the shitty booking) in a thing that happened. Kylie Rae comes out to Pokemon, but doesn't have the Pikachu gear she used to wear, which kinda kills the gimmick. It's a thing that happened and perhaps not the best showcase of women's wrestling or the women in general, but at the very least, it wasn't offensive and I stuck around for the ten minutes it lasted. That counts for something in my book.

PCO (former Quebecer who's apparently a Frankenstein creation) defeated Dasher Hatfield (guy in a mask) in what I thought was a pretty fun match. I tend to rail on older folks who have lost a step and decide to have extended exhibitions, which make the matches sad to watch more than anything. And yet here's PCO with this crazy gimmick doing some crazy shit and I'm like "Dat's some crazy shit, calice." This Hatfield fellow apparently works for CHIKARA, which is also on IndependentWrestling Dot Tee Vee... maybe I should check that out one of these days.

Kevin Wu (guy in black trunks) defeated Gary Jay (ginger in red trunks). This was perfectly acceptable wrestling, which is the nicest thing I could say about a match between two guys I have no remote familiarity with... but in all seriousness, it's a fine little match with two guys who know how to wrestle well enough... and I wouldn't mind checking out some of their other stuff somewhere down the line.

There's a multiple tag-team match featuring a guy dressed as a space monkey. There're some moves in there, some goofy bits here and there, but other than that... yep, this was a thing that happened.

Bryan Alvarez (the F4W guy) defeated Marko Stunt (small furless Ewok) in the only reason I'd even consider watching this show. They advertised this as a "hoss" match, which is usually a title you bestow upon a match between two really big fuckers beating the living fuck out of each other... and yet you have tiny Alvarez and microscopic Marko trading chops, going all over the place, and then Marko eating superkick for the loss. Marko wants to shake Bryan's hand, but Bryan chops him down and challenges him to a tag match that never happened due to Marko getting injured among other things. This was a perfectly fine little match, lots of fun seeing little mophead get CHOPPED, and it was fun. No complaints.

Then the feed cuts to another arena... probably the intermission match from another promotion. I'm not going to talk about it here since there's no context and also, I used the time to tend to the dog in the backyard.

Puma King (masked guy dressed like a puma) defeated Gringo Loco (guy in star-spangled black tights) in what I can honestly say came the closest to being a wrestling match that would've served as nice fodder for a major promotion's undercard or dark match exhibition. Compared to everything else that took place on the show, this was a really excited, top-notch wrestling match where both guys looked like they could hang with some of the bigger names if given the chance. This is perhaps match of the night in my books.

There's a random shot of some guy in the back... I don't know what that's all about.

Jeremy Wyatt (guy in pink boa) defeated Markus Crane (raggedy fellow who comes out with a riot shield in hand). For some reason, this match didn't click all the much for me. A lack of familiarity, maybe... also, it seems like this Crane fellow would've been better served in a more hardcore setting rather than a straight wrestling match. It wasn't terrible or anything like that, but it was missing something that kept me from being into it.

BLP Indiana State Champion Kobe Durst defeated Rory Gulak to retain the title. No funny descriptors here because Gulak has a singlet with his name on it and Durst is the guy with the championship belt. This was perfectly acceptable wrestling as far as I'm concerned. Nothing out of the ordinary, some solid action, and it was done a little over ten minutes. Went by rather quickly, was okay. That is all.

"All Ego" Ethan Page defeated BLP Heavyweight Champion Jordynne Grace (the same one currently gracing Impact TV) in a Falls Count Anywhere match to win the title. Your mileage may vary on the whole intergender thing, but this was fine. Finish was Page piledriving Grace through a table for the pinfall win.

That was Big Trouble... and it was a pretty good show for what it was with some decent wrestling action, a grudge match that lived up to the hype, and a highly entertaining match between King Puma and Loco Gringo. Probably a little long in the tooth, but it wasn't a total sloth and there's something for everyone, I guess.

Hey, I liked the show just fine... so bring on the next one.

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