Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Limited Run Previews Its 8-Bit Star Wars Re-Releases... And They Suck


So the first wave of Limited Run Star Wars re-releases come in the form of three games; Star Wars: Bounty Hunter for PS4 (basically a disc version of the PS2 emulated game you can get on PSN) and the Star Wars 8-bit game for NES and Game Boy. While Bounty Hunter is getting a basic game case like most PS4 disc games, the cart games are being re-released in these action figure-like packages... which seems really, really stupid.

Here's the deal, kids; both games are available for dirt cheap in their original cartridge formats. And while the NES Star Wars is a pretty decent game despite a few flaws, the Game Boy version of the same game is an unmitigated disaster. Still, if you wanted these games to play, you can still easily find them for 20-30 bucks... slightly more complete in box, which includes, among other things, a genuine honest-to-god instruction manual that taught you how to play the game.

No such thing appears to be included with these things... but I guess we'll have to wait and see when the order goes up.

And I get it. These are "collector's items" for the collectors... the ones who want to display these on a shelf, unloved and unopened... but even in that regard, this is just lousy. Whatever happened to the good ol' fashioned cardboard box with paper instructions?

I don't know... we'll see on Friday and maybe I'll lose my mind and pick one of these up.

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