Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beyond The Grid... Lies A World Void Of Purpose

So the recent Beyond The Grid story-arc that has dominated the MMPR comic book series has concluded. This is the one with the ragtag band of Rangers who act almost nothing like their on-screen portrayals, the one with the OC ship that not only fulfills the diversity checklist just fine but also become Rangers themselves, the one with the somewhat inconsistent artwork (though to be fair, it only slightly got better towards the end), and the one with the ultimate drab and uninteresting storylines again.

I have somewhat soured on this story before it even became a thing, because it deviated from what the series is supposed to be focused on. And even though I wasn't on board with it, I was willing to give it a chance. And to be fair, there's a couple good points I could bring up. I like the idea of the Praetor being a fallen Morphin Master; I think there's potential behind that idea that I felt wasn't explored all that much here. And to be fair, this whole ragtag band of Rangers lost in time or whatever was something that could've made for its own series... its own series, I emphasize.

It's just unfortunate that something with potential is squandered by what is essentially sub subpar fanfiction drivel... and I've written such drivel in the past, so I'd know. And after having to sit through a dozen issues of Kyle Higgins' unapologetic Tommy wankfest, I would've liked to have seen something better and well... that's not why I got.

But, hey. Issue 40 is supposed to jump us into the second season with a brand-new White Ranger guy and half the team replaced. Some would suggest that this is a return to form and it'll be the usual suspects, but given how Boom wants to "swerve" fans for the sake of swerving fans, I'm wondering if I should even expect good things out of that camp.

Oh well, at least the secondary Go Go series is alright.

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