Sunday, May 12, 2019

WWE Attempts To Boost Sagging Ratings With MOAR TALKING

WWE has two taped episodes of their weekly programming and have attempted to answer their recent rating woes by announcing MOAR TALKING SEGMENTS.

In the case of tomorrow's edition of Monday Nitro, there will be an interview segment with ROMAN REIGNS AND THE MIZ, as well as a double contract signing between Becky Lynch, Baby Flair, and that other girl whose name I don't remember; the one with the military background who plays dress-up for some reason no one on the television show has bothered to explain to me. Meanwhile, over at Smackdown, Kevin Owens invited pancake-tossing Kofi Kingston (your reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion if you'll recall) to his talk show segment because sure, why not?

As for matches... well, how about another Baron Corbin match? A couple four-ways that means nothing? A nothing tag match between the two Joshi with the Brit girl against the other two girls that the one Brit girl used to manage, but stopped for reasons... actually, I wouldn't mind any match with Kairi Sane or Asuka in it because they're awesome. They should invent new Women's Tag-Team championships and let 'em run with it for a good long while.

Wait... what's that? WWE have tag champs for the ladies? And it's a geek tag-team?

Oh, yeah. Those are some prestigious and important belts... much like the other tag belts held by MOAR geeks... and also another set held by... The Vintner and Daniel Bryan Danielson?

This company confounds me with its booking sometimes... but hey, Money In The Bank should be a fun show at least. Maybe... kinda... sorta...

When's Double Or Nothing again?

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