Friday, May 31, 2019

Thinking About This Brock Thing In Another Way

You're Brock Lesnar. You've won Money In The Bank. You have your choice to cash in one of WWE's two top champions. One champion is a geek with a red toy belt that you've held previously. The other is a World champion who tosses pancakes to the crowd. Do you really think they deserve to be taken seriously?

And then you find out you have a whole year to cash in. Do you cash in on the geeks for an easy payday or do you wait until someone else (presumably one with more name and box office value) wins the belt and you cash in on them for an even bigger payday?

So you wait... because you can. It's in the contract you won. And then the company "condemns" you for waiting and treating the whole thing like a joke... even though they had no problem with you showing up late in the match where you won your contract that allows you to cash in at any point up to a year.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. This whole thing is a joke to you. You're Brock Lesnar, the last big draw in WWE... at least as far as the old man is concerned. You play him like a fiddle; getting the best money deal with the fewest dates. Because in your mind, this company needs you more than you need it.

But that's not important right now... hunting season is right around the corner and you need to tend to your farm. Maybe give Dana a call... see if he has the right deal for you to come out of retirement and fight that Cormier fellow.

That's all I got. We'll see how many people actual bother to read this whole spiel and how many people whine about too many words, but it's something different, I guess.

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