Tuesday, May 28, 2019

RAW (May 27th, 2019): A Great Alternative Followed By Business As Usual

The Double Or Nothing write-up is due tomorrow... but it won't be up at the stroke of midnight. But, rather, it'll be the "main event" upload in a trifecta of uploads that will also include a belated game review as well as a something else.

The reasoning for this is two-fold; the first being that I've got quite a bit to say and I want to give the thing a couple final looks before posting. The second reason being that I was curious to see how your usual Monday night brand of "shit happening" would respond to a PPV offering from a new upstart rival promotion that, for all intents and purposes, has gotten rave reviews and praise.

I'll go ahead and spoil things for you... they responded by teasing a fatal-four way match for their Red Belt championship and ultimately had the thing won by Baron Corbin, who was a replacement for AJ Styles who was forced out due to injury. And by the way, this took place in the dreaded "third hour" of RAW... the RAW that one Michael Foley said was going to be more gritty. If "more gritty" is code for "more Baron Corbin," then it's a good thing I skipped on this one.

Actually, you want to know how much of a non-issue this is to WWE? They opened the show with Kofi Kingston - your current WORLD CHAMPION, by the way - coming out with a plate of pancakes... this after a rival promotion held a PPV that featured a bloody brother vs. brother affair as well as the debut of a wrestler that was once one of their most prominent stars.

So there you have... business as usual, more Baron Corbin, and potentially another Bork Lazer title reign in the future because THIS TIME FOR SURE. But hey, if there's one positive I could add, it's that Bork Lazer with a Boom Box briefcase is comedy gold.

Whatever, man.

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