Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bit The Bullet, Gave 2K (Some) Money

So I finally bit the bullet and bought that WWE 2K19 game off Steam... primarily because I could grab the deluxe version for forty bucks and be none the wiser.

Look, here's the thing. The first couple WWE 2K games I bought because they came out months late and only cost about 50-60 bucks for the full release plus all DLC. Then after a while, it fell into the same practice as the console releases and it was just too much for me. Money is a thing, especially for a game that I might not see myself get too much mileage out of unless there's something I like.

In any event, whenever I get the chance, I'll probably give it a shot. Don't expect anything to come of this from a "content" standpoint. Sometimes, I do things for a lark and that doesn't always translate to consumable digital entertainment.

As for the Holy Grail special... yeah, I've seen it. Thoughts on it tomorrow.

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