Tuesday, May 21, 2019

About the 24/7 Title Thing...

So on last night's RAW, WWE Hall Of Famer, Hardcore Legend, and legalized pervert Mick Foley unveiled a new championship: the 24/7 Championship. The idea is reminiscent of the old Hardcore championship from the Attitude days, where the title can change hands at any time or any place so long as there was a designated WWE official to administer the three-count.

Now, first off, the belt itself looks cheap. It's another one of those "penny belts" like the main tag titles with a very basic, very simple center plate and almost no details on the side-plates. The only positive is that it's not a broken-down, beat-up belt, so the prize is a little more worthwhile.

As for the revival of the 24/7 concept... I like the theory behind it. The Hardcore segments with Crash Holly trying to elude getting pinned in all sorts of wacky places were short, but provided a nice break from the "arena" bits. They were brief, they were harmless, they provided some genuinely fun moments, and gave the guys on the lower rungs of the card something to do.

If done well, I could see these being a fun thing to fill the three hours and maybe even provide some bits for the website if they're so inclined. However, these things are best in short bursts - maybe one or two times a show - and like anything really, runs the risk of getting run into the ground before people start getting sick of it. Not only that, but these are only short burst things - they're not going to fix the problems that have plagued WWE programming for years - namely the long runtimes and atrocious storytelling.

Yes, these'll be fun bits for the folks watching it and might even bring in some strays for the short term, but it's just a pothole to a road full of craters that need a reconstruction. Something new is needed...

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