Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Word About [REDACTED]

So regarding the controversy that needs not be said here because it's been said already and I'd rather not have that sort of toxicity around my neck of the woods... as such, I'm keeping this short and sweet. This will also be the only time I mention anything on the matter.

There's been plenty of vile and naughtiness being tossed around from all counts regarding this particular subject matter and even as I put together this piece of business, I'm trying to find the words that properly convey this mixed bag of emotions and thoughts regarding this particular incident... and I realize that there are no words because my mind hasn't been able to process this into something tangible.

This isn't the first time that I've seen someone who, until recently, had provided me with years of entertainment go down that dark path. Probably nowhere near that same level, but is it really something that you sit down and you gauge "Who committed the worse deed?" Two different wrongs might have different aftermaths, but they're still wrong.

And whatever comes of this whole ordeal, nobody's coming out of this in one piece. That kind of business taints you, it sullies your being, it damages you regardless. You do this thing that comes out and nobody is ever seeing you in the same light ever again. Those who have been wronged may slowly but surely recover from this ordeal... but it's never going to be the same.

To the people who feel victimized by what has happened, I can only offer my wish that you're able to find the strength to move on with your lives and try not to let this define who you are. Something like this might stick with you, but it shouldn't be the main thing that defines you. You're more than that. You're WAY more than one incident of poor judgment or taste.

And to that other fellow whose name has not been mentioned... look, I can't say what goes through someone's mind when they do this sort of thing and honestly, whatever happens, I hope the person gets the help to sort things out going forwards. All I can is say that... you had a fanbase, you had fame, you had revenue, you had a lot of these things that most small-time creators covet and would KILL to have... and you pissed it all away because you couldn't keep your junk in the trunk.

Probably a poor choice of words, but well...

Anyway, that's my bit. I've said my piece. And now I'm moving on from this as best as I can. I would suggest you all do the same.

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