Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Thing That Happens

I'm forgoing the usual PRR spiel for next week... and want to talk about something else for a change if you don't mind.

More often than not, whenever you go through the various written musings and blog posts scattered about, you'll no doubt come across instances where something would be described as a thing that happened... or in some cases, a thing that exists. It is the purest, most factual statement that could be said about something where no words could properly convey one's feelings or critical thought processes regarding this thing that has happened or exists.

Why this statement is a thing depends on the person. Sometimes, it's something that is said whenever one cannot think of anything better to say that might add more substance to the discussion. In my case, saying something is a thing that happens or exists is often the nicest thing that I have to say about something that yields very few highlights worth remembering. For example, there's a weekly sports entertainment show that airs on Mondays that lasts ten years and all I have to say about that is that it's a thing that exists. Mind you, I might have plenty more to say about the show in general, but since I haven't watched a full episode in years, "this is a thing that happened" is perhaps the most apt descriptor I could apply that particular program.

As I watch more of these older wrestling shows and play some of these less older video games among other things, there are many things that I could perhaps best describe as "things that happened" or "things that exist." It's not something said in malice or contempt; it's just something that's said in terms of something that doesn't do much for me on any deep level. Don't get me wrong; there are things that I enjoy more often than not and I've seen and played some pretty great stuff while also digging into some truly wretched stuff... but most of this stuff is average fare to me. Neither good or bad; they're just there.

And then I wonder why I feel this way... maybe it's this shit weather. Nothing but rain and cold winds.

It's probably all Charlotte's fault anyway.

New review coming up in a little while.

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