Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Our Lady...

So I just heard the news as soon as I got back late last night.

For those who haven't heard, a fire broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. The fire had been contained, but not before causing considerable damage that resulted in the spire and roof collapsing in on itself. At the moment, there have been no fatalities; although one fire fighter was injured in the fire control.

It's difficult to put into words what one feels when they hear something like this happen. It's not just a fire taking out a building, but something that has existed for hundreds of years. It's not an iconic structure, but a piece of history lost to the whims of nature. And while the main structure has been saved and there will undoubtedly be efforts to rebuild the structure, the sad reality is that you cannot replace what has been lost.

The Notre Dame Cathedral will survive, but it has been drastically changed from this terrible tragedy. Whatever they rebuild in the place of what's been lost might look similar to what came before or it might even be completely different, but it will not be the same as what was once there. It can never be that.

We mourn what is lost... but then we get together, we grow stronger, and we continue onwards. Life goes on.

So, that was my sad attempt at being inspirational. I'll resume the usual senseless ramblings tomorrow.

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