Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Have A Cold. It's Probably Charlotte's Fault.

Whenever life throws a curve ball at you, it's probably Charlotte's fault.

Spring is a hell of a time to suffer from a nasty cold. To hell with all them germs and stuff.

So yeah, I've been suffering from a nasty cold of sorts this past Easter weekend. I've got some stuff recorded in the somewhat drowsey voiceover... but at the moment, with all the snot and leaking, my laurels are best laid to rest at the moment.

In all honesty, that was part of the deal behind the whole "Earth Week/Earth Day Thing" of recycled reviews; it was a quick and easy way of getting some new content on there while making use of "old" content. (It also made for an interesting experiment... but I'll touch on that some other time.)

On the bright side, there's some stuff coming this weekend, including a couple write-ups, a cold-fused DTM-Cast, and a Sunday Gimmick Table on a broken device. WONDERFUL!

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