Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Flash Fiction #20: The Stars Beckon

(The return of Flash Fiction... or is it a prelude to something else? We'll see... or maybe not.)

They started out with nine sectors of space among the stars. A modest fleet of scout ships and destroyers to compliment the construction freighters that would be integral to the expansion campaign. Slowly but surely, nine sectors became twelve and then fifteen, and even a new ally was found in the campaigns.

Now there are a hundred starships of various shapes and sizes - heavy cruisers, assault disks, police corvettes, and even the occasional battleship. Time was spent fortifying the surrounding terrain, prepping fleets for extended deep space missions, perhaps even beginning early negotiations with the Deltan race several sectors away.

It was time to explore the stars and see what was out there.

However, just as they were expanding and building on their territory, on the other side of the quadrant, their enemy were doing the same. They had already conquered three planets and taken control of their space fleets, their ships were stronger, their postures and movements more aggressive than before.

They're still a long way from the eventual first encounter... but sooner or later, someone has to make first contact... and somebody has to shed first blood.

They've rested on their laurels long enough. Now is the time to get things rolling.

Ahead full impulse, Lieutenant. Steady as she goes.

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