Monday, March 4, 2019

New Pokemon Generation? Not For Me.

So, for those who missed the news, the next generation of Pokemon games, dubbed Sword and Shield, will be hitting the Nintendo Switch this year and this is certainly going to excite the diehard Pokemon fans who are into the franchise and stuck with it for so long.

Naturally, I'm not one of those people. My only experience with Pokemon was the first generation on Game Boy. Red, Blue, and Yellow. I've seen some of the anime, saw the First Movie, and even dabbled in that Pokemon Go game that was a hit a year or so ago.

After that first generation, I sort of drifted away from the franchise and when I peek back in, there's suddenly hundreds of Pokemon in the litter and too much information to digest. Not only are there new generation games, but there are also remakes of the older generation titles on stronger hardware and now Pikachu's a detective and... what the hell is going here?

For the younger folks and for those with way too much time on their hands who can invest themselves into learning the intricacies of all these various incarnations and whatnots, more power to you. It's great to see a franchise last for two decades and still go pretty strong. Pokemon in its current form might not be my cup of tea, but for those who enjoy it, I hope this next wave turns out well and becomes as much of a hit as its predecessors.


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