Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Luke Perry & King Kong Bundy

News broke that Luke Perry, he of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, passed away yesterday after suffering a massive stroke some time prior. While I was never a follower or viewer of 90210, Luke Perry is one of those names you heard a lot about back in the day because he was one of those heartthrob types that all the ladies went crazy for. He always seemed like a chill dude and to hear of his passing, it feels like another step towards old age and senility.

And then news broke that King Kong Bundy passed away... the big mountain of a man who was a very imposing and very intimidating man that used his massive girth as a weapon, notably involved in the first two Wrestlemanias with the "9-second win" over SD Jones and the Cage match with Hulk Hogan, but had a sizable - no pun intended - career in Midsouth and World Class. Another sign that the end is near for most of us old people.

My thoughts and prayers to their families.


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