Saturday, March 16, 2019

In Memoriam Of The Robot Lady

I'm not giving anything away by posting the above image, am I?

So... spoilers, I guess.

Last episode of Discovery killed off a background character; the lady with the robot head. They give her backstory, they give her feelings, and they give her all this exposition in that she's a much loved and valued member of the ship.

The only problem I have with this is that Robot Lady is a background character who looked cool and then all of a sudden, I'm supposed to care about her because she was sucked into space after faulty programming. This show has a hard enough time trying to get me to care about its main protagonist (who comes off as more lifeless than HAL 9000) and now all of a sudden, this touching moment is supposed to resonate with a minor character who hasn't gotten much back story until moments before she's killed off.

Holy balls, this was just mind-boggling.

And by the way, didn't we just go through a storyline where the magic mushrooms that powered the sperm drive brought the dead doctor from the previous season back to life? What can't we do the same thing with Robot Lady? Bring her back is a Not Robot Lady... but I guess we can't do that because we need to give people a reason to care about poor Michael, who has been spared the indignity of sending a female character into the universe's largest refrigerator.

Godspeed, Robot Lady whose name I forgot. We hardly knew ye.

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