Thursday, March 7, 2019

Greatly Considering Re-Doing The Old Ramblemanias

So, we're about a month away from the next edition of Mania and I have been considering re-doing all the old Ramblemanias from before whenever I decided the shows a proper musings as opposed to quick insights. Actually, this was something that I have been considering for a couple years now, but wasn't quite sure on how to approach this. Do I go back and re-edit all the old posts with new, expanded thoughts while trying to keep the present tense out of it or do I present new posts that are easier to access, but by proxy, giving me new drafts to replace?

Go to the Wrestling Documents and click on any Ramblemania post before 25 or 26; each one of those entries features a brief blurb on my thoughts regarding the event followed by a complete list of match results; most of them having been taken from the old Tripod blog. Suffice it to say; they hold up about as well as reposting PPV Predictions for shows that took place well over a decade ago.

The truth is that I've wanting any excuse to go back and re-watch all the old Wrestlemanias again. The problem is that I've seen those shows who knows how many times; I have the VHS tapes to prove it and the WWE Network offers a treasure trove of shows that I've never seen before or completely missed out on. Maybe if I give myself something to document these viewings...?

Ultimately, I might not even bother with this for the moment... and besides, this year's Mania might actually be worth a damn if the story plays out well... but if that doesn't happen... there's always the old ones.

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