Tuesday, March 12, 2019

DTM BLOG Classic Is Now Closed FOREVER

This doesn't mean anything to anyone since it hasn't been touched for a good long while, but I recently closed my original DTM BLOG Classic and left the following notice on the page:

I started this webspace back in 1999, back when it was called Dave's Webpage. It underwent an number of other names - The Twisted Realm Of DTM, DTM Webstation, and a couple others... but when I discovered Tripod's blogging feature in 2004, the website became a secondary hub to the blog that would be dubbed DTM Blog. And for the better part of five years, it was my main web presence for better or worse. And then I discovered the Blogger service in 2009 and migrate my main presence there, with this sticking around for a few years as something of a historical archive. I kept the page up mostly for myself, but keep a link to the site for those interested.

But there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. And as I take a huge step forward in 2019, it eventually means having to let go a few things. Some of those things could be trivial, while others have been a major part of your life. This would fall under the latter category. And so it is with a heavy heart that I announce that DTM Blog Classic has officially been shut down. This page will stay online until an undetermined date, by which point, any and all traces of this webspace that has been a part of my life since 1999 will be gone for good.

Six years ago, I wrote the final page of this original DTM Blog. Today, I close the book. Tomorrow, I bury it in the grave.

The Tripod space, in general, has been a sticking point in my early life. While the Webstation had migrated over to various web services that have proven futile, this Tripod space held firm, being the place where my main blog took place. Again, the DTM Blog represents something of a transitional phase in my web presence, for lack of a better term. It was originally supposed to be a companion piece to my old website, the DTM Webstation. But somewhere along the way, the Blog ended up getting more of my attention than the Webstation. Maybe it was the ease of use. Maybe it was the lack of hassle in updating templates and uploading pages upon pages worth of content and hope all the links worked properly. All I know is that somewhere along the way, the Webstation eventually went the way of the doo-doo and my focus was on this blog.

Of course, it eventually got to a point where the Tripod blogging software wasn't going to suffice given the slightly more ambitious plans I was going for. I was about to post videos around 2009 and the cumbersome editor wasn't going to cut it. Someone had suggested the Blogger site and I made an account there. The end result is two blogs; The Twisted Realm of DTM and the DTM Review Archive.

With those blogs, I could do a lot more than I could on the Tripod space... and it was also much easier and bearable to embed videos there than here. For a while, I managed both Twisted Blog (as it was known at the time) and this blog, but the Twisted Blog eventually took precedence and in April 2010, I formally retired the DTM Blog, relegated it to an archive of older works. In 2013, I made that retirement of the whole space more permanent. And while I initially resisted and flat out rejected the notion of shutting this space down, I eventually realized that I needed to consolidate all my web presence to one singular platform. That eventually means getting rid of the excess stuff.

And so, in a few short months, I aim to clear the room... for good.

While this blog and this space is done for good, my excessive ramblings and depressing memoirs continue over at dtm666.com, which is due to undergo a major change in the coming months. And so, to everyone who has ever taken the time to check out some of my written ramblings and whatnots, I thank you for your time and your indulgence. I sincerely hope that you've gotten a little something out of these ramblings because I've certainly got something far more substantial than anything imaginable. It's been a thrill and a hell of a ride, but now we've come to our last stop.

The book is closed. Thanks for stopping by.

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