Monday, March 4, 2019

Discover The Spoils

So... for the sake of not spoiling anything, most of the text is going to be hidden behind the break. Though I warn you; my thoughts are decidedly brief.

So Discovery's seventh episode ends the Search For Spock, where our Vulcan has grown a beard and lost his marbles. That means we have to wait a few more episodes for "proper" Spock to show up... unless this whole thing is a swerve and this isn't really Spock, but rather Sybok.

No, seriously. Where is Sybok?

Also, the end of the episode teases that we're headed to Talos IV, where The Cage took place three years prior and where we have General Order 7... which states that travel to Talos IV is forbidden under penalty of DEATH.

So, that means the end of Discovery since everyone dies... except not really because Capt. Pike and Spock live long enough to see The Menagerie. Also, Discovery has been renewed for a third season and the ship apparently survives for a thousand years according to that one short Trek or whatever it's called.

My brain hurts processing this stuff.

But on the flip side... Doom Patrol's pretty good.

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