Saturday, February 9, 2019

Solder Gal To Sell Consoles... Let's (Not) Talk About It

Solder Gal, the world's most popular female rapper in the entire universe, is making a video game console.

Or rather, Solder Gal is just selling the consoles at her website, Solder SisTem. For approximately eleventy billion dollars, you can get a knock off game console preloaded with 200 built-in games, all of them emulated versions of actual video games that Solder Gal more than likely doesn't have the rights to sell. On top of that, the console doesn't even emulate the games featured properly, as some have low frame rates, run slowly, and some even glitch out the graphics.

Something like this deserves to wither away and die, but because it's Solder Gal selling these stupid things, we're going to have every single dumb fuck on the Internet talk about it. Whether it's that cucumber-eating fatass at ReviewTechTitties, those two jackasses on the Cup Podcast, or every other article on that fucking NintendoLoveRoms news site who think some shitty fan art is a worthy news item, this shit is going to be circulating through the media rounds for the next five years and become a meme for stupid Youtube comments for years to come.

The moral of the story: don't give this moron attention.

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