Friday, February 22, 2019

Reggie Is Ready... For The Old Folk's Home


So Reggie, the president of NoA and the face of 1000 internet memes, is stepping down and moving on to retirement. Apparently, years of avoiding having to answer questions of Mother 3 have finally caught up with him, prompting him to take Guile's advice about going home and being a family man. Replacing Reggie will be Doug Bowser - insert joke here - who joined up in 2015 after a stint at Electronic Arts.

Wait a minute, you mean a guy named BOWSER used to work at EA?

The fix is in, ladies and gentlemen. Nintendo is fucked for sure.

Enjoy retired life, Reggie. Thanks for the memories, the memes, and for killing everyone's hopes of a Mother 3. Now everyone can bug BOWSER for Mother 3... or 4... or whatever. Who cares?

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