Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rajah Is The Only Wrestling Site To Break The Tim Hortons Web Barrier

So a bit of back story; every so often, I will frequent the local Timmy's for a cup of joe and usually like to frequent the web. The thing with Tim's free WiFi is that, for some strange reason, it has a filter that blocks anyone from visiting any dedicated pro wrestling websites. This was noted by former fencebuilder Lance Storm via a tweet, but I've seen the filter through personal experience. Even this blog sometimes falls suspect to this filter (although that might've been a fluke since it loads normally now.)

One wrestling-related site broke through the filter; For whatever reason, that one site loads up perfectly fine despite its content being focused on that damned fake rasslin. No reason what's so special about this one... maybe it's the name.

Anyway, for those who frequent Timmy's and want their wrestling fix, go to It goes through the filter.

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