Friday, January 18, 2019

Hello From Hiatus...

Good morning, boys and girls. A post of random musings, updates, and thingamabobs.

The past couple weeks has been pretty time consuming and aside from some text posting preps and some background work, I've been keeping off the blog work for a time and even managed to get a bit more sleep, which is what I needed. Me folks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we had a rather small dinner at this Portuguese grill on St. Hubert. Nice place, good food, loves their salad, wouldn't mind going there for another festive event one of these days... but not too festive. We got them plates and a fruit basket. They enjoyed it, it was fun.

Now that all the holidays and anniversaries are in the books, things are slowly returning to normal and less money will be spent. Thank fuck for that.

So this week, I start audio dubbing on a number of videos. This does NOT include the Pixel Player project; I've done dubbing on that on and off for some time now. But in terms of future reviews, DTM Rambles videos (those are coming back after a lackluster 2018 - got a few of those in the can already), and possibly a couple other potential projects, the text based material is prepped and I just need to turn that stuff into audio.

The reviews are basic stuff; a couple puzzle games, a couple quick titles, and there's going to be a week's worth of Atari reviews because they've also had a lackluster 2018 and need to be in the spotlight. After all, Ataribox is coming soon... or something.

Regarding the Pixel Player Project... I'm debating whether I'm going to release it as a single video or split it into smaller chunks. The video is going to be in HD for the most part, but it's entirely possible that I might reduce it to a standard def video (do people even call it that anymore?) if the file size turns out too heavy. After all, most of the video is composite video recorded onto DVD and blown up into a massive video frame for extra blurriness. Also, Vegas 15 is newer than what I'm used to (despite being the older one), but it does sometimes show signs of Vegas 14 when it comes to rendering needlessly complex and long video files... by crashing at inopportune times. We'll see how it goes in the future, but for now, the plan is a single video on February 24th, 2018 as part of the Sunday Gimmick Table series.

While we resume normal operations in February with the promise of daily posts - whether it'd be videos or things of that nature - things will only start formulating a month or so later. Eventually, I'll want to have regular features fill out the blog in some form or fashion. It's a hobby, but I want to give this my all as a personal exercise of sorts.

Well, that's the story for now. Time to get back into hibernation.


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