Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bob "Super Dave" Einstein

So around the same time that news of Mean Gene's passing broke, there was also news that Bob Einstein, old Super Dave Osbourne himself, has also passed away due to his battle with cancer and that's a childhood passed away. Back when I was a kid and even a teen growing up, I'd be watching the family-friendly iterations of the Super Dave show where they bleep out all the swearing with funny duck quacks and things of that nature, which actually made it funny, but watching this alleged stuntman with this seemingly endless Super Dave Compound showing off all these gimmicks going wrong and performing all these stunts that turned out badly... man, you couldn't help but feel for the poor guy, but first let me laugh at the compressor turning him into a little head with two feet.

I recently found a Youtube channel that had most of the old Super Dave clips uploaded, all uncensored with all the colorful metaphors intact and just the fact that I remember most of these like they happened yesterday just shows how much of an impact and an affect that Super Dave had on my cumulative years. And those clips still hold up. When I got news of his passing, I loaded that page and binged on all those clips. And it was all due to SD, his deadpan, straightfaced reaction to all the stupid going on around him.

Bob Einstein did other stuff; he did Officer Judy in the old Smothers Brothers show, he was a recurring character on Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a few other things... but to me, he'll always be Super Dave. And his being gone makes the world a less appealing place.

Godspeed, Super Dave Osbourne. May your stay in the ol' Super Dave Compound in the sky be free of accident... or anything made from genuine Saskatchewan Seal Skin Bindings.

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