Sunday, December 9, 2018

Street Fighter V Will Now Include In-Game ADS!


So Street Fighter V is an interesting beast. Released back in 2016 in a half-finished state, receiving lukewarm reception, and taking close to two years to implement a goddamn Arcade Mode that had been standard in past Street Fighter games as well as any fighting game worth their weight in gold. And just when we finally got Street Fighter V up to respectable levels, Capcom is now going to introduce ads that you have to sit through if you want to unlock certain bits of tat.

In all honesty, I've not played much Street Fighter V even with the Arcade Edition upgrade. My interest waned quickly and really, once the Street Fighter 30th came along, SF5 was just a thing taking up hard drive space before I uninstalled the fucker. But with all that having been said, the fact that Capcom wants to implement ads in a game you paid full price for is yet another means of the bloated games industry trying to ruin the modern gaming scene.

Naturally, the pro players who make money off this shit as well as the diehard fans who will buy any pile of crap with the Street Fighter name on it will defend this practice and even praise Capcom, but for the sensible folks out there, you pay a premium on certain free-to-play mobile games to REMOVE the ads, not add more of the fucking things.

Let's hope this sort of practice doesn't leak into other Capcom games. I very much like to run through Mega Man 11 without being interrupted by stupid ads for Amway.

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