Wednesday, November 14, 2018

WCW Uncensored 97

Uncensored 97 places us in the height of the New World Order era of WCW, which saw the promotion's Monday Nitro program trump WWF Raw week in and week out. Uncensored '97 is a rather significant event in the overall narrative of the WCW vs. nWo story, but is it a good show otherwise?

Let's find out.

Dean Malenko defeated WCW united States champion Eddie Guerrero thanks to a timely interference from Syxx-Pac that was foiled, but left Malenko with a video camera to clonk Eddie with to win the title.

Ultimo Dragon defeated Psychosis in a perfectly acceptable cruiserweight match of sorts. Not much else to say here; both wore colorful outfits, both wore masks, both did lots of fast-paced flippy stuff that made sense back in the day, and it was a nice little time-waster. No complaints.

Oh this is fun. We have a match between Glacier and Mortis... and we've even got the Sinister Minister James Mitchell in there too... yeah, for those wondering about my "excitement" over this match, Glacier was a ninja-type gimmick who was created for the sole purpose of trying to cash in on the whole Mortal Kombat craze and give something for the kids to enjoy. Yeah, because when I think of big money-making kids franchises to rip off, I think MORTAL KOMBAT.

Mortis was another masked gimmick of that ilk who was probably better known as Chris Kanyon. Once Glacier beat Mortis with his Cryonic Kick - that's adorable - we got WRATH come out and hit Glacier with a Uranage type move. Look, I'm not going to lie. From a purely cheeseball factor, I enjoyed this match quite a bit. The fact that the match was pretty fucking good is a bonus that just makes it a tad sweeter in my eyes. This was fun shit right here, kids.

And then we have the Strap Match between former partners Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs... and this turned out to be not so fun. In fact, if anything, I found myself falling asleep during this one. Buff says he's sorry, but he's not really sorry... and I believe him. Anyway, Buff chokes Riggs a couple times and manages to slap all four corners to win the match. Next.

Harlem Heat defeated the Public Enemy (best known for their ECW stint more than anything; though at the time I was watching, I only knew them for their WCW stuff) in a Tornado tag-team match. This was supposed to be for a title shot, but your WCW tag champs at the time are Hall and Nash, so... whatever.

Then there's the three-way three-man main event between team WCW (three guys who don't matter), team nWo (three guys who also don't matter), and team Piper (Roddy Piper, Chris benoit, and someone else.) There's a bunch of winning stipulations that really don't matter because the only team that matters is the one that's making money. Anyway, the nWo wins the main event (which isn't great, but isn't a total dumpster fire like the previous year's event was) and just as we're about to get the usual nWo celebration, here comes the Stinger from the rafters with trademark baseball bat in hand, beating the shit out of anyone who moves until only one is left.

Uncensored '97 has a couple good matches to its credit and even the main event can be enjoyed within the correct mind set, whatever that entails. Ending it with a cool moment like Sting making a stand against the nWo really sweetens (no pun intended) the deal and while it's not a great show, it's still a pretty decent one where even the low points come off as more boring than bad. All in all, this was fine.

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