Thursday, November 15, 2018

Smackdown (Nov. 13th, 2018): Daniel Bryan Danielson Is Champion Again...

Not going into super heavy detail for this one, but I just wanted to address a couple key points here and be on my way. Yes, I'm a little late to the party, but what else is new?

So Daniel Bryan Danielson defeated AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship with help from a timely kick to the balls. One of these days, AJ Styles needs to buy a protective cup for his ringwear because everyone seems to want to go for his nuts. And then Daniel Bryan Danielson continues to beat on Styles because he's a heel now and well... good for me. It's nice that he won back the title that he never lost and now we're going to get the match with Brock that we didn't get four years ago, which probably means lots of one-sided boring suplexes and lack of interest.

Maybe if it was Braun with the other belt, then it'd be more interesting. But then again, if it were Braun, chances are AJ would still be champ and the only reason this happened was because creative didn't want to repeat last year's match. I don't know why that would be a concern. It's not like changing the WWE champion is going to make much difference. It's an easy win for Brock before the next coronation or whatever, so there's no intrigue in this whatsoever. Honestly, if they did the same match again last year, at least there'd be some false hope.

Speaking of lack of intrigue, Stone Cold Becky Lynch apparently suffered a concussion due to Nia Jax landing a very real punch and bloodying her up in an admittedly awesome visual. This means the champion vs. champion match with Cold Ronda is off and so instead we have Cold Ronda vs. Baby Flair as the substitute... because why not throw away your potential Wrestlemania match instead of coming up with more interesting scenarios... like tossing in Asuka, who needs something better to do than waste time with Miz and Glow Girl?

So thanks to Nia Jax, who had the gall to complain that nobody was asking about her aching fist even though that's not enough to remove HER from the show, I've lost any other reason to be remotely interested in this Sunday's Survivor Series show. And that's unfortunate... actually, no, it isn't. It frees up more free time for me to do other stuff.

And look, shit happens, alright? Sometimes, hits land harder than intended. Accidents happen. Others might take Nia to task for a sloppy incident, but I'll just take her to task for removing the only worthwhile thing on this Survivor Series card because the rest of the show does not interest me in the slightest. Ronda vs. Flair may as well be the modern-day Divas Piss Break.

Other than that, there's not much else to the show. There's a short Jeff Hardy/Andrade Almas match that was okay, a Rey Mysterio/Miz match with RKO run-in that was just meh, and the New Day getting pummeled by the Bar and Big Show... a.k.a. FUCKING BIG SHOW. And no retaliatory strike from the RAW crew because I guess that's played out... but hey, a WWE title change on Smackdown following a good match and a heel Daniel Bryan Danielson? Sure, I'll take it.

Eh, that's all I got, folks.


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