Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gameband Officially Cancelled...

Pretend that Steve Austin is the Gameband people and that Vinny Mac is the suckers who gave them money.

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So, once upon a time, there was a thing called Atari Gameband that was kickstarted because people are stupid. A gaming watch? Sure, I'll go with that. Somewhere along the way, Gameband lost its Atari branding because even the clueless putz running today's shell of the former company had the sense to get away from that nonsense and focus on their Linux machine disguised as a video game system. Now Gameband is officially cancelled and all those suckers who donated money might not even get a refund.

You poor, deluded fools.

All failed mocking aside, I feel bad for the folks who donated money to this thing... well, almost. And it only serves to reinforce why I have a hard time putting my faith (and dollars) into these crowdfunding bits unless the people holding it have something of a track record behind them. I've contributed to a couple of these things and can say that I'm satisfied with what I've got... but only because they've delivered goods in the past and proven trustworthy as a result.

Atari started a Kickstarter for their gamewatch thing and then bailed on the people making it. And despite their so-called runaway success with Ataribox's campaign, nigh a word was mentioned since then beyond a couple signings here and there. And then there was attempt to get investors to send them money so they can release a mobile version of Roller Coaster Tycoon onto Switch despite the mobile versions being reviewed poorly. Not quite a track record worthy of forking over money.

A shame, really. That would've been a neat gimmick for people to presumably mock and not actually buy.

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