Saturday, November 3, 2018

From A Cast Comes A Ramble Or Two

So I'm putting together tomorrow's DTM-Cast audio and prepping for the eventual upload. The two major topics being put together are the WWE week and the upcoming PS Classic. But as I'm putting together the audio and gathering the notes, a thought occured to me that this is just too wonderful to restrict to audio. I could do a little slideshow on this stuff and turn them into Ramble videos. Honestly, I need material to revive the DTM Ramble series and this could be a nice start.

So while the DTM-Cast is being pushed back a week, you will be getting TWO wonderful DTM Rambles during the week. Not including this weekend's ATGames-related piece. The Nintendo-related reviews that were intended for last week should also be ready to go this coming week.

It'll be fun, no doubt.

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