Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Japanese Playstation Classic Game List... Is Not Much Better

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2018/10/29/the-japanese-playstation-classic-has-a-much-better-line-up-of-games-and-includes-armored-core/#6419b1131461

So the list that was posted yesterday was the International release. This is the list of games included on the Japanese Playstation Classic... and it's not that much better, either.

Arc the Lad
Arc the Lad 2
Armored Core
Biohazard Director’s Cut
Final Fantasy VII International
Gradius Gaiden
Intelligent Qube
Jumping Flash
Megami Ibunroku Persona: Be Your True Mind
Metal Gear Solid
Mr. Driller
Parasite Eve
Ridge Racer Type 4
SaGa Frontier
Super Puzzle Fighter IIX
Tekken 3
Wild Arms
XI [sái]

Mind you, there's a couple good entries in there that makes this much more enticing than what we're getting, such as Gradius Gaiden and Armored Core. But again, the lack of any Castlevania disappoints me and while some might appreciate the wider selection of RPGs, I'd prefer a little more variety and some games that made Playstation worthwhile.

Once again, it's a hard pass for me. Even that C64 Mini seems to have a more worthwhile selection of games and I don't particular care for the hardware all that much. (I was more of a VIC-20 fellow; and even then, most of my time was spent writing up little programs in BASIC.)

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