Thursday, October 11, 2018

Some Folks Want To Make A ColecoVision Clone System...


CollectorVision, a company who produces homebrew games for older systems, have recently launched a Kickstarter to fund their Colecovision clone system, a smaller system that plays Colecovision systems on modern days and with semi-functional parts. They have a working prototype on hand that hasn't been debunked by anybody as of yet, so this one looks somewhat promising.

I am hesistant to throw my hat into this thing; one because so far pickings have been slim - though there's still 27-ish days to go - and the last time there was a Coleco-related crowdfunding campaign, it didn't exactly turn out the way people were expecting or even hoping.

Regardless, all the best to these guys and if this gets legs, maybe I'll chip in a couple bucks for the cause and possibly get one myself.

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