Saturday, October 6, 2018

So I Spent Some Time Playing The Mega Man Evelenz

And I've been making this nasty habit of playing through the levels without making much use of the new Double Gear system that's supposed to help out. Turns out that the levels are entirely playable without ever having to rely on the Double Gear system to help in a crutch. Note that entirely playable doesn't necessarily mean easy peasy; some split-second timing and memorization of certain patterns, such as the laser traps of Fuse Man's stage, are essential to conquering these challenges barebones.

About the only real use I've found for Double Gear is in offensive capabilities, as the gear can power up your master weapons much like Mega Man X's arm upgrades... and speaking of which, a Gear-Powered Charge Shot lets you shoot two in a row much like in X2. There's actually a few neat little touches here and there that are somewhat subtle callbacks to past Mega titles and those in the know will get a little more out of it, I think.

As I'm playing this newest Mega Man game in the wee hours of the night, learning and relearning some of the bits and bobs that makes this newest game tick, a sudden realization dawned on me... I'm eventually going to have to play that other game... you know, the "better than nothing" game.


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