Wednesday, September 26, 2018

TNA Slammiversary 2005

Hey, did you know that TNA Impact Wrestling made this show available for free on their YouTube channel? Get it while it's hot; otherwise, you'll have to settle for my lightly-worded write up that will be missing some important details!

So yeah, I've little to say about this one because outside of two TNA PPVs I have on DVD and haven't seen in a good long while, I'm basically going into this in the dark. So here we go.

Shark Boy defeated Zack Gowan, Delirious, Jerrelle Clark, Amazing Red, Elix Skipper in a perfectly acceptable 6-way X-Division match that gave me hope. An X-Division match that is fast-paced, everyone got to get their stuff in, and at the very least, I can make out a couple names I recognize.

Shocker defeated Alex Shelley in another good match. No nothing about this Shocker fellow - apparently he was a big star in Mexico - but Shelley is a name I know. That's something.

Ron Killings defeated Kip James (fka Billy Gunn) in a pretty boring match... well, so much for that idea. Funny story: Billy Gunn debuted in TNA a couple months prior as "the New Age Outlaw" before settling on "the Outlaw" and then going to Kip James when paired up with former partner and future Smackdown lead shitter Road Dunce. Apparently, when TNA brought these PPVs home, they redubbed the commentary so that Kip James is Kip James from the start and... whatever, the match sucked.

NWA World Tag-Team Champions The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) defeated Team Canada (Eric Young and Petey Williams) with a timely assist from WWE Hall Of Fame Jimmy Hart to retain the title. Perfectly acceptable slice of the tag-team wrestling pie; nothing special, but it was alright.

In his debut match, Samoa Joe defeated Sonjay Dutt. Joe looked like a killer... which is precisely how you'd want a big mean guy to look. And they would proceed to make Joe look like a killer until he gets beat by Kurt Angle a year and a half later.

Bobby Roode defeated Lance Hoyt in a relatively quick but straightforward match. I'm not feeling the Team Canada shtick... probably because there's no Lance Storm leading the group and nobody's wrestling these matches under Canadian rules. Oh well.

America's Most Wanted (James Storm and Braden Walker Chris Harris) defeated the 3-Live Kru (Konnan and BG James) when not-Billy Gunn came into to fight Konnan, allowing AMW to beat the Dogg. Meh.

X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels defeated Michael Shane and Chris Sabin in a three-way match to retain the title. Great match here, not much more than that.

And in the main event, Raven defeated NWA World Champion AJ Styles, Abyss, Monty Brown, and Sean Waltman in a King Of The Mountain match to retain the title. I think this is the first time TNA has held a King Of The Mountain match, a reverse ladder match where whoever hangs the belt on the hanging gimmick wins the match... it's a brawl all over the place and I couldn't really get into this one... but hey, Raven has an NWA World title win under his belt. That's cool, I guess.

So, maybe this is just me watching a PPV show that was made available for Youtube for ZERO DOLLARS and as such, my opinion may be slanted. But I thought Slammiversary was a pretty good show. While there were a couple low points in the show that had me dozing off a bit, I can say that the good stuff was good and the great stuff was also good. I cannot complain much in this regard... this was fine.


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