Friday, September 21, 2018

Playstation Classic! Because sure, why not?


Yes, revel in the irony of breaking news from a Nintendo news site covering a Playstation product.

In any event, we have a unit that comes with two full-sized PSX (non-Dualshock) controllers and will come with 20 built-in games; five of which include Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type-4, Jumping Flash, Wild Arms, and Tekken 3. The device will retail for $99 USD and will be released December 3rd.

Well, it'd be interesting to see how well this ends up performing. At the moment, this doesn't scream "must-buy" for me personally; I'd have to wait until they announce the rest of the games and even then, I already have a Playstation product to play these games... as well as another where I can pay less for some of the games I'm missing.

As for the rest of the games included? I'd imagine they'd want to include a Gran Turismo and/or Twisted Metal in there... possibly nudge Konami into including Metal Gear Solid and/or Symphony in there. Maybe Crash? Spyro? Bubsy... wait, scratch that last one.

So this should be interesting. I'm on wait and see for this one. Though if they were to announce the inclusion of DOOM, then this would be an insta-purchase.

Just sayin'.

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