Friday, September 14, 2018

Four Hours Of "Fun" With Animal Contest

I posted this on the Youtube channel during the week, but haven't bothered to make a post on this until now... so here we are.

The idea is simple; start up the awful Nice Code game Animal Contest via the 500-in-1 cart onto a top loading NES, place an elastic band over the A button on my NES Advantage joystick and set the DVD Recorder to record four hours worth of Animal Contest rubbish. If you thought a near 10 minute video on this terrible game was something, TRY FOUR FUCKING HOURS.

Sad Fact: I had a couple extra shots on here that I wanted to include... but Vegas simply REFUSED to render such a terrible video. So I had to use my video converter thing to combine parts of the video into one long piece, hence the lack of end screen.

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